Every Saturday Morning @ 7:00 am (EST)

Are you just too tired to make it to the gym and wish your trainer could come to you?


Well, your wish has been granted! Fit While Brown now offers virtual bootcamp. That's right, bootcamp right from the comfort of your home.


Register for a session today as you and a group of other motivated people do a bootcamp session over the computer. For just $10, you can engage in a full body, one hour workout with your friends.


How does it work?


For just $10, you will register for the course and be provided a link to a private Google Hangout with other participants. On the day of the event, you simply click on the link provided and enter the room. You will see the other participants in the room as well as the instructor. Before the session starts, you will be asked to turn your mics off so that only the instructor can speak. For 60 minutes, you will engage in a warm-up, a high-intesity full body workout and a cool down.


Take advantage of this virtual bootcamp today to achieve your ultimate fitness goals. Not comfortable with a group setting? Fit While brown also offers individual virtual training sessions as well. Remember, it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!



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